The best natural botox for wrinkles

You shouldn’t spend money on all sorts of creams in order to get rid of wrinkles. You have in your own kitchen three simple and natural ingredients that will help get rid of wrinkles in a natural way and in a very short time.


– half a ripe banana
– 3 tablespoons of yogurt
– 1 tablespoon of honey

Preparation method:

After you baked the banana for 10-15 minutes, mash it (wait a minute to cool until you do this). Mix the crushed banana with yogurt and honey until you obtain a homogeneous paste. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes until you feel it tightens a bit. After, wash your face with warm water first, then with cold water.

Bananas are rich in nutrients, which are very useful for the skin. The substances found in yogurt are effective for skin stretching while honey will provide the necessary hydration. This mask suits all skin types and can be used daily, until you notice an improvement.

The results will not be seen in a day or two – this is a natural mask and its effect is usually slower than cosmetic products that are full of chemicals. If you use this mask every day, we assure you that after three weeks you’ll be surprised by the result.
You can use this recipe after a day at the beach, as it will soothe and hydrate the sunburned skin, so the exfoliation process will be avoided.

Image Credits: Newscientist

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