The amazing health benefits of pickled cabbage

The results of a 2015 survey showed that the lactic acid from fermented foods strengthens the immune system, protects the stomach flora, reduces allergies and is very beneficial in ulcer cases.

Hence, until the appearance of fermented foods based diets was only one step. It is best that fermented foods to be consumed in a balanced diet, based on fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables.

Pickled cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin C and also a food that fights cancer. Even if you didn’t make much research in this field, the results of a Finnish study showed that along with the fermentation process, cabbage enhances its anticancer qualities, mainly due to higher amount of antioxidants.

So, pickled cabbage, this seemingly banal food on our tables has a lot of health benefits and we should consume it whenever we have the opportunity, especially that it is a seasonal product.

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