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Do Stretch Marks Ever Go Away?

After giving birth, beside that mummy tummy, some women remain with some unsightly signs on certain body areas, called stretch marks. Whether they like it or not, stretch marks usually occur during those ninth months of pregnancy, when you gain some extra pounds. Because they bring an unpleasant look to the skin, getting rid of them is one of the …

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Highly Effective Homemade Moisturizer To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Women are more prone to face the unsighted and not very aesthetically looking stretch marks. There are a lot of reasons for stretch marks but women all over the world are suffering from at some points in their lives. You can notice these stretch marks as parallel and white lines on the skin. These long streaks develop on the skin …

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Most-Wanted Homemade Cream To Say Goodbye To Stretch Marks

Say goodbye to expensive cosmetic products and chemicals that sometimes do more harm than good. To get rid of stretch marks is practically impossible, especially if they are old. Old stretch marks have a dark purple color, while the new ones are pinky. Well, the new ones are easier to be removed. This homemade cream to get rid of stretch …

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Fade Out Stretch Marks With This Homemade Gel

You can easily get a depression because of stretch marks and scars. Some of us hate those unaesthetic marks on our body. But we shall thank nature for its ingredients and herbal remedies because we can attenuate stretch marks if we mix the correct ingredients. So, here’s the perfect recipe to get rid of those unsightly stretch marks with only …

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How to reduce stretch marks and wrinkles with shea butter

Shea butter stimulates cell regeneration, prevents skin and hair aging and has excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties for our skin and body. Also, Shea butter has healing and antibacterial properties. Is an excellent treatment for lips or cracked heels. It tones, brightens and restores skin’s smoothness in an impressive manner. Shea butter is beneficial for all skin types, even for …

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Best natural remedies to remove stretch marks

Olive oil Applying olive oil on the skin during pregnancy is a good way to help prevent stretch marks. Olive oil contains vitamin E, which restores skin tissue. The oil also helps to soften the skin, so it is less likely to experience stretch marks. Aloe Aloe is another tool that can be used both during and after pregnancy, in …

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