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Simple And Effective Natural Remedy To Clear A Stuffy Nose

Stuffy nose can be real problem. Because of a stuffy nose, headaches can occur and migraines and your general health can be changed. Natural remedies are the best treatment against stuffy nose, especially salt and water. This is one of the simplest natural remedy for sinusitis. The saline solution helps to thin the mucus making it easier to remove and …

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Clear Your Nose Quickly With This Homemade Balm

Everyone hates when they have difficulties in breathing due to nasal congestion. Some of the medicines used for stuffy nose gives you addiction and may lead to other problems. But if you try natural remedies, nothing can harm you, and this treatment is very effective. So, let’s try to use natural remedies with confidence. Ingredients: – 1 tablespoon of beeswax; …

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How to clean your sinuses in seconds

Those who suffer from sinusitis know how troublesome sinuses pains can be when these little cavities are inflamed because of abundant secretions. An American specialist discovered a fast and efficient way to clean the sinuses in less than a minute. Lisa DeStefano, assistant at the University of Michigan, Department of Osteopathy, recommends the following procedure: “Push the tongue tip to …

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