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Can I Use Vicks Vaporub On Unpopped Acne?

Acne is uncomfortable at any age, making you feel less beautiful when your skin doesn’t reflect the beauty within. At least, that’s what most people think when they see a pimpled-face. But, it’s not necessary to suffer from severe acne to feel less beautiful, because a simple big forehead pimple can make you feel this way and ruin your entire …

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Get Rid Of Acne From Inside-Out

The main reason of acne appearance is the high level of inflammation in the body and low level of antioxidants. Therefore, the simplest solution to get rid of acne is to introduce in your daily menu foods with anti-inflammatory effects and high in antioxidants. So, it’s indicated to consume daily, foods rich in vitamin A, like tomatoes juice, mango, papaya, …

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Facial Mask That Might End Your Fight With Acne

My best friend is fighting with acne for a lifetime. She’d seen every doctor, but still no effects. Also tried all kind of medicines and natural remedies, but the effects weren’t for a long period. Also, she tried combining some natural ingredients, all great in the healing process of acne, and the results were visible after a week of daily …

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9 Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of That Annoying Acne

My daughter reached puberty and she’s dealing with stubborn acne. I took her to see a dermatologist and she recommended several moisturizers to balance the appearance of pimples. As the acne isn’t caused by any bacteria, I searched over the internet for more information in the treatment of acne. I will always choose natural remedies first, given the fact that …

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