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What Kills Athlete’s Foot Fungus For Good?

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that affects the skin between the toes, and it often affects those who wear sweaty, smelly shoes for long hours. Who does that? Well, athletes are! Anyhow, Athlete’s foot can easily be acquired even by those using communal showers such as college dorm or gyms. However, this condition is a controversial subject since there …

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Make Foot Fungus Disappear With Baking Soda

Skin irritations and foot fungus are diseases produces, most of the time, by fungi. These occur because of poor hygiene, or in the case of athletes, because of the occlusive footwear they wearing that don’t allow skin ventilation and sweat creates the perfect environment for the development of these fungi. So, don’t let the problem to develop and from the …

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How to use vinegar to treat foot fungus (homemade recipe)

During winter, the foot is wrapped in thick socks which don’t allow its proper breathing. No wonder that you woke up with mycosis. This solution can be easily made at home. You need milfoil leaves. Fill one bottle with water and pour rubbing alcohol over the water. Close and hold it until the liquid turns green (for about 3-4 days). …

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