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The Most Effective 2-Ingredient Face Masks For Acne Scars

After finally getting rid of that unsightly acne, we are left with yet another aesthetic issue of acne scars. They are very noticeable on our face thus being quite hard hiding them. And since our face is our image we put in the world on daily basis, it is very important for our health to try natural remedies that could …

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The Best Natural Combo To Get Rid Of Acne And Blackheads

If you are the unlucky person with acne scars problems or just simply, acne and blackheads, then you’ve clicked on the right article because the following mask will really do wonders for your skin problems. The combination of cinnamon, lemon, honey and nutmeg reduces the effects of bacterial infections, with antimicrobial properties, responsible for acne problems, most of the time. …

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Get Rid Of Acne From Inside-Out

The main reason of acne appearance is the high level of inflammation in the body and low level of antioxidants. Therefore, the simplest solution to get rid of acne is to introduce in your daily menu foods with anti-inflammatory effects and high in antioxidants. So, it’s indicated to consume daily, foods rich in vitamin A, like tomatoes juice, mango, papaya, …

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