Singers Remedy To Get Rid Of Hoarseness In 2 Minutes

You have a job presentation and you woke up without a voice? You have to take care over your children and your sister’s children all day, but you can’t even say they’re name because of a sore throat? See how you get rid of hoarseness in 5 minutes, with a simple trick that singers are using frequently!

Not many people know of this wonderful blend of substances and vitamins that saves your throat from a nightmare.
Some singers use it before entering the stage, or when they sing in the morning!

The recipe is simple and delicious, and the effect is fast and guaranteed.

Mix an egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of honey then add warm milk gradually until you fill a regular cup.
Careful! The milk has to be warm, otherwise the egg yolk it will coagulate.

Then drink this full of vitamin cup, and you’ll get rid of hoarseness and also of a sore throat.

Image Credits: Oivietnam

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