Quick And Simple Remedies To Get Rid Of That Painful And Itchy Stye

A stye can be external or internal. External stye is easy to treat but the internal one, sometimes needs a doctor’s intervention. And you can treat and alleviate the pain and itchiness with natural remedies, if the stye doesn’t require medical attention.

So, to get rid of a stye quickly and to relieve its symptoms you can try the following natural remedies:

Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea contains soothing substances that helps to reduce swelling and to relieve pain. So, take a chamomile tea bag and dip it in a cup of hot water for a few seconds. Let it cool a little bit then apply it directly on the affected eyelid. Keep it there until it gets cold. Repeat this process when it’s necessary.

Potato compresses
Peel and grate a potato and put the grated potato into a cloth. Apply the cloth directly on the stye. Do this two times a day, but with a fresh grated potato.
This remedy, done twice a day, reduces swelling and in the just one day, you’ll get rid of the stye.

Mint leaves
Crush some fresh mint leaves and apply them as a compress on the affected eyelid. Let it act for 5 minutes then rinse with water.

Compresses with calendula tea
Add a tablespoon of dried calendula leaves to one liter of water. Strain the liquid, then soak a sterile compress in the infusion and apply it on the affected eyelid until is cool.

Image Credits: Rage3d