Prevent And Treat Winter Colds With This Immunity Boost Syrup

If you want to keep away all viruses and to prevent winter diseases it’s better to prepare your body since summer. That’s why, a tablespoon per day from the following recipe will strengthen your immune system and you won’t catch any cold. So, you better prevent than to treat a disease. But, if you didn’t have the chance to prevent it’s also great to relieve pulmonary disease symptoms and an awful flu.

Lots of syrups found in pharmacies contain plenty of sugar and preservatives and they aren’t as effective as it says on the label. That’s why I trust natural remedies because they turn out being more effective than drugs. I found out about this remedy from my mother’s best friend and I want to share it with you because it’s really an effective immunity booster.

Natural syrup recipe:

– 4 kg of organic honey;
– 1 kilogram of fruits (apples, pears or quinces);
– a handful of basil

You have to cut fruits in small slices and to put them in 400 ml jars. Then pour the honey over the fruits, in equal amounts. Close the jars tightly and store them in a dark and cold place. Let the fruits soak for about 6 weeks. Shake the jars twice a day, morning and evening.

After 6 weeks, remove the fruits from jars and put them in other jars. Close the jars tightly and leave them in a cold place near honey. Fruits will look just like jam and you can consume them like this to treat certain diseases, especially in relieving symptoms of cold and flu.

You have to mince basil and add it in honey. You can consume it with fruits. Also, you can add alcohol in the honey jar, but not more than 50 ml of brandy for the entire amount.

You can choose from apple, pear and quince because these fruits are rich in nutrients, essential vitamins and fiber, regenerating cells without oxidation. Besides quince or pear you can add berries, too.
Well, I hope it will boost your immune system and this way it will prevent different those awful winter diseases.

Image Credits: Agardenerstable

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