Parsley And Coriander Remedy To Get Rid Of Bad Breath In A Few Seconds

Bad breath is one of the many inconveniences we often have making us to feel uncomfortable is some specific situations.

Poor oral hygiene or consuming of some specific foods such as onion, garlic, excess sweets, meat and dairy products can lead to the appearance of the unpleasant odor of the mouth in time. Smoking and caffeine are also dangerous factors of bad breath.

Get rid of bad breath with parsley and coriander

Fresh parsley leaves, but especially green coriander, chewed on the empty stomach over a longer period will give incredible results. Coriander is known as natural body deodorant.

Sage is also excellent for removing bad smell from your mouth. Chew sage after eating garlic or onion and you will get rid of bad breath. Another option is to chew sage on empty stomach.

However, you should pay great attention to your diet and to see a doctor not to have severe stomach problems. In most cases, bad breath comes from an inappropriate diet due to smoking and the consumption of food with toxic ingredients.

Image Credits: Peoplespharmacy

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