My Grandma’s Remedy To Relieve Back Pain

Chronic pains are painful, and painkillers are not healthy, causing worst side-effects. But you can combat pain with some ingredients that are easily found in your kitchen.

Back pain appears, most of the times, if you have a sedentary life and spend a lot of time sitting on a chair. Whether the pain is in the lumbar or cervical area, you can combat it with the help of natural ingredients.

All you have to do is mix 10 teaspoons of salt with 20 teaspoons of olive oil and leave the composition in a glass container for a few days.

How do you use the mixture against pain?
Every morning, apply the mixture obtained on the vertebrae in the cervical or lumbar area where you feel pain. Massage it 2-3 minutes each day then increase the duration by another 2-3 minutes, so you can get a 20-minute massage. Finally, put a damp cloth on your area.

This procedure can irritate your skin, so you must finally wipe off with a dry cloth and apply baby powder on your skin.

You’ll relieve pain fast, but don’t forget to see a doctor to treat the cause of the pain.

Image Credits: Soapqueen

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