Minimal Invasive Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of Warts For Good

Known for its tonic, therapeutic and anti-infectious powers, the onion is an ancient vegetable used to treat various diseases. It is recommended as a factor of health and longevity.

It is a stimulator of the nervous, hepatic and renal system, a strong diuretic, an exquisite expectorant, and a great parasite killer. It acts exactly like an antibiotic towards staphylococcal cultures.

If you haven’t used onions as a natural remedy, it is time to try to treat warts, for example.

It’s very hard to get rid of warts, and many of us recall to surgery. But you can avoid that with the help of this ancient vegetable.

You need:

– half an onion
– Himalayan salt

How to use:
Moisten the onion in the Himalayan salt, and rub the warts with it, twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening.

Warts will absorb the onion juice, and the active substances of this vegetable will dry them and in less than a week will be gone.

So, this minimal invasive natural remedy will get you rid of warts for good.

Image Credits: Mavcure

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