Ladies, Get Rid Of That Mustache With This Homemade Egg Paste

Face hair, “mustache” and sideburns are extremely unsightly, especially if you are a brunette. In such situations, if you are the “lucky” owner of a mustache…and you are not a man, than you should get rid of it immediately, and never…but never, try to hide it with foundation! It’s still there and visible.

On the other hand, you can avoid wax or razors, because those are indicated for men, use a natural hair removal mixture for that.

You need:

– 1 tablespoon of sugar
– half a tablespoon of flour
– 1 egg white

The egg white mixed with sugar forms a consistent paste, and when you apply it to the desired area will do wonders. Just let it dry and remove it gently with your hands. And, voila…your mustache is gone.

If you are allergic to eggs, it is not advisable to use this treatment.

Image Credits: Wikihow

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