Kid-Friendly Syrup To Get Rid Of Influenza And Strengthen The Immune System

Weather fluctuations nowadays are ruining not only the environment, but even, our health. Our body is very sensitive and it needs time to adapt to weather changes, but nature, doesn’t give us this opportunity anymore. So, we have to take measures to keep ourselves in a healthy condition.

That’s why, I always count on natural remedies! They never disappointed me, and my I can say that I didn’t catch any cold this year. The following syrup helped me a lot!

You need:

– 6 cracked nuts
– 6 tablespoons of honey
– the peels of 6 onions
– 1 liter of water

How to prepare:

Put all the above ingredients in a pot to boil until the liquid drops to half. Strain the liquid, and place it in a bottle, preferable a dark bottle, and keep it at room temperature.


Take 1 tablespoon each morning on empty stomach. This syrup is kid-friendly, too.

Image Credits: Preparatedevis

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