INCREDIBLE! This is the latest fashion that is raging among women. See why men run away when they see them dressed up like this!

It is estimated that worldwide, one woman in 14 is sexually assaulted, according to a survey.
Thus, they created a special pair of pants that would keep out abusers. The trousers are called security pants and have on women pelvis area a device resembling with male genital organ.

“Being a woman is more difficult. Because my working program, I often get home late and I was repeatedly verbally abused by men. The danger is everywhere,” said the girl who is the ad trousers image. “I feel safe with them,” concluded the adolescence.

Due to pants transparency and material, the device easily attracts the attention of those on the street and most often arouses amazement. Thus, men are tempted to beware of women who wear these trousers.

Therefore, those who have created these trousers could register a big success with this new “invention”, as the device can arouse any reaction, but not men interest or sexual assault.

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