How to use vinegar to treat foot fungus (homemade recipe)

During winter, the foot is wrapped in thick socks which don’t allow its proper breathing. No wonder that you woke up with mycosis. This solution can be easily made at home. You need milfoil leaves. Fill one bottle with water and pour rubbing alcohol over the water. Close and hold it until the liquid turns green (for about 3-4 days).

If you want to get rid of this leg mycosis, take a bowl that can fit only one leg paw, and pour this solution in it. Then, place one foot in the bowl and keep it in this solution for about 5-10 minutes. After removing the foot from the bowl, wait a few until the solution dries completely.

You can wash with warm water and dry your foot by dabbing with a towel. Sprinkle some powdered talc on your foot and use clean socks, cotton if possible. Repeat the procedure above with the other foot after a few days, using the same solution.
After about 2 weeks, repeat the procedure. In this way you’ll easily get rid of foot fungus, no side effects included.

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