How To Soothe A Rash After Shaving And Waxing?

Are you dealing with hair removal irritation regardless the method you choose to remove your hair? Well, this type of irritation appears in the summer when the temperatures are too high and our body is sweating intensively.
Besides the unsightly appearance of these types of irritation, you may deal with ingrown hair too, meaning that the risk in developing folliculitis is very high.

But, you must know that there are a few steps to take if you want to get rid of hair removal irritation and prevent folliculitis.

  • Apply a pack of ice on the area where you’ve removed your hair for a decongestion effect followed by pore closure.
  • If you are prone to folliculitis in the inguinal and underarm areas, it’s recommended to use a product that will calm and disinfect the skin at the same time. Vicks Vaporub turn in being extremely effective.
  • Apply a non-greasy post-hair removal lotion, which absorbs very well in the skin, without producing pore occlusion.
  • After you have been worn out, it’s not recommended to take hot showers or to expose your body in the sun because you will get a bad irritation.
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