How To Relief Pain With Aluminium Foil? Perfect For Joint And Muscle Pain

Aluminum foil is not recommended for cooking, but you shouldn’t throw it away, because it’s good in relieving pain.
Muscle or bone pain can ruin your daily activity, and painkillers are not exactly indicated because of the side effects they have. Instead of running to a pharmacy and spend money on drugs, we suggest you to use the aluminum foil.

Apply it on the inflamed area and you’ll get rid of discomfort and pain. This method has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese and Russian medicine.

Aluminum foil soothes any type of pain: cervical, back, arms, legs, joints, etc. This remedy is also effective in treating gout. All you have to do is wrap your toe in aluminum foil and bandage it. Chinese healers recommend this therapy for 10-12 days. Apply it daily to the affected area and let it work overnight. Take a break for 1-2 week, and if the pain doesn’t pass, repeat the treatment.

Image Credits: Littlethings

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