How to get rid of pimples without leaving any mark on face

Whether it is a black or a white point, a red and painful large stain, a pimple “is born” when one of the pores is “clogged” with a mixture of sebum and dead cells. If a small infection occurs there it will form the pus that will come out from the skin when pimple will break.

The problem is that in order to remove the pus, you have to press so hard that you’ll simply break your skin. A small wound forms there that will leave a scar more or less visible.

In addition, when you squeeze ca pimple, pus moves both above the skin surface and down deep into the skin. That pore wall can break, which frees infection into skin.

The pimple gets bigger and you may even get stuck with a lump – a sort of painfully pimple placed under the skin – or a cyst – a deep infection and sometimes painful, very difficult to remove.

No need to say that when you squeeze a pimple you enter your hands bacteria into it or you can transfer existing ones in other areas of the face.

How to treat a pimple

All you can do is to be patient … Meanwhile, make sure the area is always clean, but do not wash your face too often – twice a day is enough. To get rid of the infection, try benzoyl peroxide ointment, (for example Brevoxyl) that will “dry up” the pimple.
To hide a pimple, try the ice and eye drops trick.

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