How to get rid of painful cracked lips

As soon as the cold season arrives, we begin to hear more and more people complaining about dry and cracked lips. However, it’s not difficult to treat this problem. Look what you can do to avoid lip cracking and also to avoid the pain and sting!

Exfoliate your lips
Everyone knows that in the cold season is very important to use a nourishing and protective lip balm. But if you want to get the desired effect, it’s necessary to exfoliate your lips first. And this operation is simple – when you brush your teeth, use your toothbrush on your lips and remove the dry skin. It takes 30 seconds, and the effect is guaranteed!

Use a good quality conditioner
Beyond lipstick or gloss, it’s necessary to use a balm with vitamins, nutritious, which moisturizes your lips. Focus on this if you want your lips to be beautiful and you’ll never deal with cracks and burning.

Don’t wet your lips with your tongue
When your lips dries from the cold, apply a conditioner. If you moisten them with your tongue, you merely dry them worse. Perhaps it will take a while until you’ll get used to this, but believe me, you’ll notice the difference!

Don’t tear your chapped lips
If you tear those skin husks, you affect your lips even more and you cause bleeding. The pain and soreness will increase when you go out in the cold. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips properly and those annoying husks will disappear.

Image Credits: Healthline

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