How To Get Rid Of Bruises In Less Than 1 Day And Restore Skin Color

Bruises are part of our lives. Most of bruises appear on our legs, because are more prone to hits than any other part of the body. And sometimes we want to make them disappear so we can wear our favorite skirt or dress.
These signs are actually small blood vessels that break under the skin. The blood reaches the neighboring tissues and causes those painful blue / purple / black spots. These signs appear after a few minutes from the impact, but it takes a few weeks to heal.

We’ve found some natural remedies to heal the bruises quickly.

A handful of parsley crushed in a mortar until it forms a paste and applied directly on the bruise will do wonders. Cover the area with a scarf or a bandage, and let it act for a few hours. Parsley treats inflammation and prevents blood clotting.

Onion has anti-inflammatory properties, heals the skin and reduces pain. Use the juice from one onion and apply it directly on your skin. Let it act for a few hours until the skin absorbs the onion juice.

Lavender teas, black tea, green tea or chamomile tea contains tannins very good in healing bruises, reducing swelling and blood vessel constriction. Apply a warm tea bag directly on the bruise.

Vinegar and water
A simple solution consisting in equal parts of hot water and vinegar is applied as soon as the bruise appears. Vinegar has the property of helping the blood to dissipate from areas where it gathers.

Arnica gel or oil can be applied directly to the skin to get rid of bruises quickly. Arnica has been used for hundreds of years to treat bumps and bruises.

Image Credits: Huffingtonpost

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