How to get rid of blackheads, dark circles and large pores

Preserve your face youth as much as possible! Follow the steps below to proper care your skin, learn to protect it and don’t hesitate to call a specialist when is absolutely necessary.
After a certain age, skin problems are inevitable. Stress, fatigue, eating habits, pollution, sun exposure, inadequate maintenance … they all leave their mark on your face.

Unsightly and difficult to remove, blackheads give headaches to people with oily skin, and they occur especially on the forehead, nose and chin. Problems due to high secretion of sebum which come into contact with skin dirt, finally clogs the pores.
The area should be thoroughly disinfected before and after extraction and exposed to steam baths in order to open the pores.

Bags under the eyes
If you’ve noticed that you have this problem, you have to find ways to improve the unsightly look. Inflammatory effect of green tea is highly valued and also recommended in reducing the unpleasant appearance of bags under the eyes. Put tea bags in water, squeeze them, keep them in the freezer for a while and then apply them on the eye area. You can get good results by massaging the affected area with ice cubes for a few seconds.

Aspirin reduces pores
Add a drop of tea tree essential oil in your cleansing gel because it has astringent and antibacterial properties. Once a week, put in the face mask a finely crushed aspirin.

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