How to get rid of bacne (back acne)

If you have pimples on your back or shoulders, here are some solutions that can get rid of these problems. First, use a mirror to look and to make an idea about most exposed areas of your body.

If pimples are on neck and shoulders, they are probably caused by hair products you use. If they are closer to the bra, perhaps it would be appropriate to choose a new one, with a better material (100% cotton) or change the washing detergent.

Shower routine

Your bathroom is a real hotbed of germs, so change often the washing sponge. Water temperature should be warm and not hot. Use care products for acne.
It is also important to wash your back at the end, especially if hair products are the ones that cause problems. After you wash your hair, fasten the queue, so it does not hang on your back, causing pores clogging with shampoo debris. Always use a different towel for hair and body.


Wear fabrics through which skin can breathe, such as cotton or flax. If you spent more time outside in the sun, once you’re in the house, take a shower, because perspiration promotes acne.


Wash and change bedding often and try to find a natural laundry detergent without fragrance. Wear comfortable pajamas that do not irritate the skin or make you sweat overnight. Before you sleep, treat problem areas with acne drugs that contain benzoyl peroxide.

Image Credits: MamasLatinas

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