How to clean your sinuses in seconds

Those who suffer from sinusitis know how troublesome sinuses pains can be when these little cavities are inflamed because of abundant secretions. An American specialist discovered a fast and efficient way to clean the sinuses in less than a minute.

Lisa DeStefano, assistant at the University of Michigan, Department of Osteopathy, recommends the following procedure: “Push the tongue tip to the palate, and while doing this, apply pressure with your finger in the middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows. Keep your finger pressed and your tongue stick to palate for 20-30 seconds and you’ll feel how your sinuses start to clean up, “said DeStefano.

According to experts, this method stimulates quick cleaning of the sinuses, although it is not a solution for those who suffer from chronic sinusitis (advanced state). If the infection is serious, you should go to the doctor as quickly as possible because untreated sinusitis becomes chronic and is very hard to cure.

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