How Can I Treat My Baby’s Nasty Diaper Rash?

Does your baby have a diaper rash? Well, don’t blame yourself for that! Most of the time, a diaper rash is not a sign of improper care. There are plenty of factors that can irritate the delicate skin of your new born.
If your baby is constantly moving in his bed, crying and showing signs of discomfort due to diaper rash, there are some simple ways you can make him feel better. In this article, I will explain everything you want to know about treating diaper rashes, so your kinder can be more relaxed and enjoy his baby days.

The reason why your baby suffers a diaper rash

Most of the times, those red spots or blisters found on your baby’s tush are caused by an allergic diaper reaction.

Here are the main reasons why diaper rash appear:

  • using diapers (especially when babies begin to eat solid food)
  • using the improper detergent
  • using the improper baby powder
  • the use of synthetic clothes
  • using the wrong baby cream

How do you treat a diaper rash?

Even if the skin rash is not a serious skin problem, they can degenerate into something worse if they are not treated properly. If the rash looks badly, you should see a doctor.

Here are some simple ways to save your baby’s tush from a diaper rash:

  • don’t leave your baby stay too long with a “full poop” diaper. Change it as soon as you can.
  • wash and wipe your baby’s tush well, dry the skin well and don’t forget to let the skin breathe a bit between diaper changing.
  • choose diapers and clothes made of natural fibers because they are friendly with your baby’s delicate skin
  • don’t use laundry detergent and baby wipes with alcohol and perfume
  • try to treat the rash with an infusion of chamomile tea
  • after washing, you can lightly moist the delicate skin of your baby with marigold cream
  • gently dab the baby’s skin with apple cider vinegar and water diluted in 1:3 ratio
  • another solution could be a bath in warm water and baking soda (no more than a 15 minutes)

In conclusion, diaper rash is not serious, but can become quite uncomfortable for the baby. Try the above methods and choose the ones that work best for your little angel. A rash-free baby tush means a calm and peaceful mom!

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