Hair Care

Miraculous cures for prematurely gray hair

More and more young people experience prematurely grey hair. Stress, unhealthy habits, and genetics seem to be the main causes of this problem. You must know that you can get rid of grey hair by appealing to natural treatments such as: 1. Coconut oil and curry leaves Curry is the miracle ingredient that is used in food, is a recognized …

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What happens if you don’t wash your hair with shampoo for 6 months

Baking soda can also be used for other purposes than food. Baking soda can become extremely effective when it comes to cleaning the hair. Katherine Martinko read about the different uses of the ingredient and decided to do an experiment. Thus, for a month, Katherine and a girlfriend chose not to use shampoo and conditioner for their hair care. When …

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Bad beauty habits: Why it is not good to wrap wet hair in a towel

It became a routine that after showering to keep our wet hair in a towel, in order to dry it faster. Dermatologists recommend avoiding this habit because the hairs are extremely fragile and their handling is also very difficult. Hair raising and rubbing with the towel surface causes hairs damage, which can break and deteriorate quite easily. Arleen Lamba, medical …

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