Fade Out Stretch Marks With This Homemade Gel

You can easily get a depression because of stretch marks and scars. Some of us hate those unaesthetic marks on our body. But we shall thank nature for its ingredients and herbal remedies because we can attenuate stretch marks if we mix the correct ingredients. So, here’s the perfect recipe to get rid of those unsightly stretch marks with only 3 effective ingredients.


– 113g organic coconut oil
– Aloe vera gel 113g
– a few drops of your favorite essential oil

Method of preparation:

Mix coconut oil with aloe vera gel in a bowl for five minutes until you get a light homogeneous mixture. Add the essential oil and keep the mixture in a container at room temperature.

Administration method:

Apply the gel on the affected area, but after showering because your pores are wide open. Thus, the remedy will be absorbed faster, and you’ll get rid of stretch marks quickly.

Image Credits: Homeremedyfind

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