DIY Natural Serum To Banish Puffy Eyes

Long hours spent working on a computer at your job are the main cause for puffy eyes. Not to mention, sleeping late could also give you those unsighted and dreaded puffy eyes. Furthermore, even your sleeping position might be a causing factor. Thus, while these can’t be totally avoided, you should not despair. There are natural solutions that could help with this. In this article, I want to share an incredible natural DIY serum to effectively banish puffy eyes. It is a fairly easy homemade recipe to make and you can get right back on track looking fresh!

Thus, the ingredients you will need to make this natural DIY serum are:

– 1/4 cup ground organic coffee
– 1/3 cup sweet almond oil
– 2 tbsp castor oil
– a dropper bottle
– a cheesecloth

Simply follow the next instructions and you will be set:

First off, start by combining the sweet almond oil and the coffee in a glass jar. Secure it tightly and let it infuse for about a week.

Secondly, use you cheesecloth to strain the infused oil into a bowl. If you happen to still have small pieces of coffee there is no problem.

Next, add the castor oil and start stirring the ingredients very well to combine.

Then, you could use a small funnel to transfer the serum to your dropper bottle.

That’s all. You can now use by applying the eye serum under your eyes in the morning or at night!

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