Best Homemade Preparation To Unclog Effectively A Swimmer’s Ear

Only those who faced with this problem know how unpleasant is to struggle with swimmer’s ear. You may think that you will never regain your hearing again. There are many causes of clogged ears, the most common being: ear wax, clogged nose, catching a cold, sinus infections, water accumulation in the ears, change of air pressure when traveling by plane, blockage of Eustachio’s tube.

But there’s an effective remedy to unclog your ears and regain your hearing. But be careful not to use it if you have an ear infection.

You need:
– a few drops of glycerin
– a few drops of baby oil
– warm water
– hydrogen peroxide

Use a few drops of glycerin and baby oil and mix in warm water (half a glass). Mix equal amount of hydrogen peroxide in the same solution. Lie down on one side and pour with a pipette or a syringe, 2-3 drops of this solution in each ear to soften the ear wax. As soon as you pour the solution in the affected ear you’ll hear some strange sounds similar to sizzling water balloons. When those sounds stop, you must drain the liquid from your ear.
You should repeat this procedure only 3 times a day, because the hydrogen peroxide may affect your ears.

Image Credits: Fabhow

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