Best Homemade Laxative To Get Rid Of Constipation

Many people face with constipation, and we know how much it hurts! I have a serious problem with this, and I think it’s genetic because my mother and grandmother have the same digestive disorder. So, it seems that sometimes it’s a big thing to take a shit! But I tried natural remedies because I don’t want to call pills or different medicines for this disorder. I usually avoid pharmacies. And the best cure for constipation is…plums and Chia seeds.

And it’s very simple! Just mix in the food processor fresh plums with Chia seeds and you’ll get a delicious paste! This paste you can spread it on bread or you can mix it with yogurt for breakfast. Due to its high content of soluble fiber, Chia seeds are very satieties and regulate blood sugar levels, lowers bad cholesterol, improve digestion and prevent fat absorption.

Image Credits: Onecheaputahchick

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