Anti-wrinkle foodstuff for a flawless complexion

Victoria Beckham already turned 40, but no wrinkle betray her age. The star is famous because she follows strange but natural treatments.

In a recent interview for Vogue she said that she found a great product that keeps crease-free forehead. This miraculous product is called bee pollen.

“22 amino acids, 12 vitamins, 28 minerals” – that is, according to David Beckham’s wife, the beneficial content of the wonderful food that can be bought in granules from any pharmacy. Bee pollen consists basically in pollen collected by bees on their feet mixed with nectar and enzymes secreted by these insects.

Bee pollen is rich in B vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids and nutrients. Weird thing is that it contains twice as much protein as meat, having a very low level of fats.

Image Credits: Mitoq

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