Top 5 Solutions To Get Rid Of Double Chin Without Surgery

What can I say about double chin? Hmm, let’s see…that is the most common problems among women and sometimes gives you headaches when you look in the mirror. And believe me, I know because I’m daily confronting with this problem, and I start feeling comfortable with it and this is wrong. I think you neglect yourself as a woman, that’s why I started to look for some remedies, because, honestly, I’m afraid of surgery. Better said I think is quite unnecessary here when you can get rid of the unsightly double chin with other methods. And I found my problem…extra pounds! What’s yours from the below list and what can you do to get rid of your double chin without a scalpel.

1. Attack the main cause of the double chin

Above all, it’s important to know the reason that brought you in this situation. Attack the main cause of the double chin, if you want to get rid of it quickly. If you have a few extra pounds, it means that fat excess deposited around the face area, neck, and an ordinary diet is enough to get rid of double chin.
If you are skinny, visit the endocrinologist to see if you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Medical treatment should lead to the disappearance of double chin.

2. Pay attention to your diet

The way look reflects what you eat, so be careful what foods you introduce in your diet. The first rule is to reduce the daily amount of salt and other sodium sources that lead to water retention. Give up junk food, high-calorie menus and sweets. Researchers have shown that when you eat a lot and unhealthy the aging process accelerates, so your complexion will suffer, obviously.

3. Exercises for double chin

Believe it or not, there are certain exercises specially designed for the unsightly double chin. The first exercise is to open your mouth wide and move your lower jaw from the bottom up, like an excavator so that your lower teeth to touch your upper lip. Repeat this exercise 15 times, several times a day.
Another effective exercise is to raise your chin and move your mouth as if you chew a large food portion. If you can’t simulate chewing, just open your mouth and close repeatedly. Continue until you feel your neck and jaw muscles very tense.

Another workout that will get you rid of double chin is to sit on a chair with your head lean on the back, staring at the ceiling. Keep your lips closed and mimic chewing. Do this exercise with 100 movements, daily. You’ll see, slowly that your chin will get a toned and firmer shape.

4. Try natural remedies

While those miraculous moisturizers have a slow efficiency without dieting, you can give a chance to natural remedies that temporarily improves the look of your chin. So, whipping two egg whites and spread them all over your face, insisting on the bottom of the chin and neck, will help you a lot. Leave the mask to act for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Egg white instantly shrinks skin pores, tightening the tissue and leaving a visual decreasing effect where you want.

5. Choose the right posture

Incorrect posture can sabotage your beauty. So, any time of the day you should keep your back straight and your chin slightly raised but never closed to your neck. Your double chin will thus become less visible.

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Image Credits: Stylecraze