Rough Night? Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Hangover

Rough night, last night? Well, a party never started with a salad, so alcohol can be fun sometimes, but the next day, your head will feel twice the size. And your body needs a period of recovering to get rid of that hangover sickness. So, for all those lovely wives out there, prepare to your husband a natural remedy to get rid of the hangover. He drank once, and this doesn’t mean he’s an alcoholic!

Here is a list of hangover remedies that can help you get rid of headaches.

Water is a necessity. Alcohol is diuretic and causes dehydration. Therefore, before going to bed is recommended to drink up to half a liter of water. And next time you go for a beer, experts recommend drinking a glass of water after each beer so as to replace the fluids you lose.

Sportive’s drink
Even if the diuretic effect of alcohol can lead to electrolytes loss, it doesn’t need to be replaced immediately. What does this thing mean? For example, many people think that sportsman drinks, like Gatorade, are recommended to combat a hangover, but experts say their effect is no different from that of water.

Many people, with a hangover or not, prefer to start their day with a good coffee. It’s however good to know that coffee doesn’t mean solving all problems. Depending on the person, coffee can to get rid of a headache or to amplify it. Also, you have to drink water with the coffee, because it caffeine leads to dehydration.

Toast or biscuits
It is excellent advice for those who had a party that they don’t remember. Carbs will help that sugar level not to drop too much. Normally, the liver begins to produce more glucose when blood sugar levels are reduced. But when you overdo the drinking, and the liver is busy metabolizing alcohol, it can’t produce glucose, which means a low sugar level and therefore you’ll be irritable and tired.

Fatty food
It doesn’t matter what you eat – the difference makes the food that you ate before going to drink because it diminishes the next day. Food slows the absorption of alcohol and the alcohol reaches your bloodstream later. So, it will be hard to get drunk.

A warm chicken soup is like the touch of God for a hangover. It takes care of your entire body, having both the hydration and eating to restore your body. So, be “God” for your husband and prepare him a nice and warm chicken soup with vegetables.

Image Credits: 4umf